New New Deal

Defending the Public, Our Families, and Our Communities

Saturday, April 9, 2011, 3:00–5:30pm
Chicago Temple
77 West Washington, Chicago

Featuring a Keynote Address By:

U.S. Rep. John Conyers, Jr., (D-MI)

Sponsor of HR870, "Humphrey-Hawkins 21st Century Full Employment and Training Act"

Also Featuring:

Jesus G. Garcia, Cook County Commissioner, 7th District

Join progressive leaders and activists to discuss strategies for defending our rights to earn, learn, and live in dignity. In the wake of the all-out attack against workers' rights and against programs that help our communities, it is more important than ever to come together across movements and push to realize a vision of FDR's "Second Bill of Rights." Panelists will discuss a roadmap to fight back and push for progressive priorities including ending wars and militarism; enhancing workers' rights; and developing economic policies that promote jobs and communities instead of corporate profits.


Emcee: Lori Challinor – DuPage Peace through Justice Coalition

Opening Remarks: Jesus G. Garcia – Cook County Commissioner (7th District)


Adrienne Alexander – Policy & Legislative Specialist, AFSCME Council 31

Bill Barclay – Chicago Political Economy Group, Democratic Socialists of America

Judge William Cousins (ret.) – Member of the Board and Former Political Action Committee Chairperson for South Side NAACP

Bamshad Mobasher – United for Peace & Justice, Oak Park Coalition for Truth & Justice

Keynote: John Conyers, Jr. – U.S. House of Representative (D-MI)
"Towards a New New Deal: A 21st Century Full Employment Act"


Organized by: New New Deal Project


Center for New Deal Studies – Roosevelt University, Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism, Chicago Jobs with Justice, Chicago Political Economy Group, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, DeKalb Interfaith Network for Peace and Justice, Democratic Socialists of America (Chicago and Detroit), DuPage Peace through Justice Coalition, Lincoln Park Neighbors United for Peace, North Side Action for Justice, North Suburban Peace Initiative, Oak Park Coalition for Truth and Justice, portoluz, Progressive Democrats of America-Chicago, SOUL, South Austin Coalition Community Council, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, West Suburban Faith-based PEACE Coalition

The Tillman Story

The Dark Side of Chocolate

opctj-slide9_chocolateTHE DARK SIDE OF CHOCALATE, a film by Miki Mistrati and U. Roberto Romano, tells us that the truth behind the chocolate is anything but sweet. On the Ivory Coast of Africa, the origin of nearly half of the world's cocoa, hundreds of thousands of children work or are enslaved on cocoa arms. These children are often at risk of injury from machetes and exposure to harmful pesticides. Although they may work 80 to 100 hours per week, children working on cocoa farms frequently make little or no money and are regularly beaten, starved, and exhausted. The Dark Side of Chocolate examines the ongoing use of child labor and human trafficking in the cocoa industry, with revealing interviews with officials, producers and representatives of the chocolate industry and well as graphic footage of the cocoa plantations and working conditions. Although these companies, including many well-known brands, have publicly condemned and expressed outrage at the use of child slavery, they admit their ongoing purchase of Ivory Coast cocoa. In 2001, following an avalanche of negative publicity, the major chocolate companies agreed to a voluntary protocol to eliminate child labor on West African farms, but is it working?

Following the showing there will be a presentation by Nancy Jones, Executive Director of Chicago

Fair Trade, and Q & A and open discussion.

Light refreshments are served.

2010. 47 min.

Full Signal

opctj_film_full_signal_slide_2011.01FULL SIGNAL, the documentary film directed by Talal Jabari, exposes the health risks of cell towers and cellular technology and what we are some of the tradeoffs for their convenience. Cellular technology--cellphones, cell towers, wi-fi, etc.--has been proliferating across the globe and spreading like wildfire. More than half the world's population owns a cell phone, wi-fi is cropping up everywhere, and nearly everyone lives within the range of a cell tower. Yet, nobody truly knows to what extent this technology is having an impact on the human population.

FULL SIGNAL is a gripping film that interviews scientists, journalists, activists, lawyers and lawmakers in ten countries and six American states to uncover what is known and unknown about the wireless health effects, look at how cellular technology is impacting individuals and communities around the world, and investigate the collision of health versus financial interests.

The showing will be followed by a brief presentation by Marne Glaser, long time wireless precaution advocate and member of the International Campaign for Cell Phone Safety, and Q & A.

Light refreshments are served.

2010. (61 min.)

Workers' Republic

A film by Andrew Friend, Workers’ Republic documents the heroic struggle of a group of ordinary working people to defend their rights. For six days in December of 2008, laid-off Chicago factory workers at Republic Windows took over their closing workplace, declaring they would not leave until the owners and creditors agreed to pay them the severance they were owed.  Republic’s credit line had been cut off by a large national bank that had just received billions of dollars in federal bank bailout money.  In the process, the workers exposed the greed of bosses and banks for the world to see. Though the plant was ultimately closed, the workers succeeded in many of their goals and demonstrated the power of their conviction, courage, and unity.

Workers’ Republic is the winner of a John Michaels Human Rights Film Award.

The showing will be followed by presentations  by filmmaker Andrew Friend and by Kari Lydersen, Chicago-based journalist, author, and journalism instructor.  Q&A and open discussion.

Light refreshments are served.

2010. 33 min.



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