Return of Navajo Boy








This internationally acclaimed film triggered a federal investigation into uranium contamination. The prize-winning documentary directed by Jeff Spitz, reunited a Navajo family and triggered a federal investigation into uranium contamination. The film chronicles the extraordinary chain of events, beginning with the appearance of a 1950s film reel, which lead to the return of a long lost brother to his Navajo family.

This film reveals the impact of uranium mining on the Navajo of Monument Valley. It highlights the story of Elsie Man Begay, whose history in pictures reveals an incredible and ongoing struggle for environmental justice.

Discussion: The film will be followed by a short panel presentation with Jeff Spitz, director of THE RETURN
OF NAVAJO BOY, Jennifer Amdur Spitz, co-founder of Groundswell Films, and Joseph Podiasek, Executive
Director of the American Indian Center, President of NUIFC (National Urban Indian Family Coalition) and
Commissioner, City of Chicago Human Relations. Q&A and open discussion will follow the panel presentation.

Light refreshments are served.

59 min. Epilogue 15 min. 2009
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Co-sponsoring organizations: Citizens Act to Protect Our Water (CAPOW!) and Nuclear Energy Education Service (NEIS)

Sunday, November 19, 2017

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